Suh Yul-Bi
Suh Yul-Bi Profile
Biographical Information
Age: 188
Full name: Suh Yul-Bi
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Fast Food Restaurant Employee
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Redish
Eye color: Redish
Height: 159cm
Significant Others: Hong Ryun (Crush)
Parents: Unnamed Parents
Anima: Pigeon
Character Information
Suh Yul-Bi is an important character in the webtoons, The Flow. She is the only reason why Yun Lee-Rang entered the school.



The Pigeon AnimaEdit

It is hinted in chapter 102 that her pigeon god was actually one of the 4 guardian gods, the phoenix.

School LifeEdit


Love InterestsEdit

Hong Ryun: She had a crush on him and even though she doesn't notice it, his feelings were mutual.

Yun Lee-Rang: She's unaware of his feelings for her.

The WishEdit

Yul-bi's Wish was to have wings on her back, which could disappear and appear when she wanted them to.

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