Suh Yul-Bi
Suh Yul-Bi Profile
Biographical Information
Age: 18
Full name: Suh Yul-Bi
Status: Deceased (Previous timeline)

Alive (Present timeline)

Occupation: Fast Food Restaurant Employee
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Redish
Eye color: Redish
Height: 159cm
Significant Others: Hong Ryun (Crush)
Parents: Unnamed Parents
Anima: Pigeon
Character Information
Suh Yul-Bi is a childhood friend of Yun Lee-Rang, the child of the white tiger, and Hong Ryun. She asked Yun Lee-Rang if he could make delivery for her, while she went confess to Hong Ryun. She is then seen visiting Yun Lee-Rang in the hospital after his run in with

Yul-Bi is an important character in the webtoons, The Flow. After Yun Lee-Rang's wish was made she died in front of both her childhood friend's eyes. Making her the only reason why Yun Lee-Rang entered the school.

Later on, in the final arc, after Lee-Rangs final wish she is seen talking to Lee-Rang before she confesses to Hong Ryun about beings scared that he might reject her. However Lee-Rang convinces her to just do it.



She is Dumb AF for not noticing harin feeling for her.

The Pigeon AnimaEdit

It is hinted in chapter 102 that her pigeon god was actually one of the 4 guardian gods, the phoenix.

School LifeEdit


Love InterestsEdit

Hong Ryun: She had a crush on him and even though she doesn't notice it, his feelings were mutual.

Yun Lee-Rang: She's unaware of his feelings for her.

The WishEdit

Yul-bi's Wish was to have wings on her back, which could disappear and appear when she wanted them to.